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Integrated Estate and Financial Planning Day

Published on 03 Jun 2002 | Took place at Royal on the Park, Brisbane, QLD

This seminar provides an overivew of estate planning, discusses will drafting tips and traps, asset protection divorce and family law, succession planning restructuring and buy and sell agreements, practical strategies to optimise benefits and minimise dangers, and superannuation complying income streams.

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Individual sessions

Overview of estate planning: the end justifies the means

Author(s):  John DE GROOT This seminar paper discusses the holistic approach to estate planning, tax effective and asset protection structures, common estate planning mistakes, maximising the value of your estate upon death, trends in estate planning and advice, and testamentary trusts.

Materials from this session:

Will drafting tips and traps

Author(s):  Ronald E WHITNEY This seminar paper discusses will drafting, including: understanding assets and other issues, proactive issues, protection of assets from family provision claims, and common drafting errors.

Materials from this session:

Practical strategies to optimise benefits & minimise danger

Author(s):  B.E BENDZULLA This powerpoint presentation discusses recontribution strategies, commutation of pensions, superannuation surcharge deferral, lifetime pensions for RBL purposes, lifetime pension for Centerlink purposes, Federal Government proposals.

Materials from this session:

Succession planning, restructuring & buy & sell agreements

Author(s):  Greg CAHILL This seminar paper discusses: put/call vs mandatory agreements, ownership of policies - CGT traps, use of superannuation policies, CGT implications - ATO statement of principles, use of wills as part of business succession strategy, maximising benefit of CGT small business concessions.

Materials from this session:

Superannuation complying income streams

Author(s):  Chris WYETH This powerpoint presentation asks: should complying income streams be first choice or last resort, for richer or poorer - who can use them, how to avoid unintended financial and estate planning traps in using complying income streams. Case studies on the topic are also reviewed.

Materials from this session: