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It's My Property - Hands Off!

Published on 23 Aug 2006 | Took place at Dockside Centre, Sydney, NSW

As the property industry continues to evolve, so does the taxation law and legal issues effecting property developers, owners and investors. At the same time, property continues to be a focus area of the ATO. Topics covered in this seminar included:
- SMSFs - investing in property
- income tax vs. capital gains tax, including case study
- legal issues
- GST, stamp duty and land tax
- blackhole, leasing issues, etc.

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Individual sessions

Blackhole expenditure, leasing issues, etc.

Author(s):  Neil WICKENDEN

Topics covered in this paper include recent amendments to:

  • blackhole expenditure and property
  • cost base of property assets
  • costs relating to property leases
  • intra-group property assets under consolidation.
Materials from this session:

SMSFs - investing in property

Author(s):  Richard J FRIEND

Everyone knows that there are lots of tax advantages in maximising your contributions into superannuation. But that is only half the story. What do you do with the money once it is in there? A balanced share portfolio is always a good start. But a balanced share portfolio is just that - balanced...and boring. And many people with SMSFs do not feel comfortable with shares. But most Australians are comfortable with property (rightly or wrongly). Yet it is not easy to use a super fund to invest in property - or is it? This paper goes through some of the "tips and traps" for SMSFs when investing in property. Topics covered include:

  • SIS and tax issues for SMSFs investing in property
  • using geared trusts to invest in property
  • making the most of grandfathered unit trusts
  • when is leverage not borrowing?
Materials from this session:

Income tax treatment of property development and investment

Author(s):  Scott McGill,  Andrew Noolan

Topics covered in this paper include:

  • how do I structure the investment?
  • will I make a capital gain or a revenue gain?
  • what happens if I develop what was formerly my main residence?
  • how should I go into a joint venture with a builder?
  • what costs will be deductible?
Materials from this session:

Recent GST developments

Author(s):  Andre SPNOVIC

This paper focusses on the key GST developments over the past 12 months, as well as some of the major stamp duty and land tax developments that have occurred during the same period. Topics covered include:

  • recent case law dealing with GST and real property
  • the margin scheme - ever changing and evolving
  • GST-free going concerns
  • key ATO GST rulings
  • major stamp duty and land tax developments.
Materials from this session: