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Losses - When You Get Them And When You Don't!

Published on 19 Aug 2008 | Took place at Kooyong Tennis Club, Kooyong, VIC

This event was aimed at all accountancy and legal practitioners involved in entities with losses and their professional staff.

Losses come in many different shapes and sizes - on revenue account or capital account - realised and unrealised - corporate, trust and personal. The list goes on.

Many practitioners still adopt a "head in the sand approach" when it comes to utilising tax losses and ignore or simply don't understand the complicated tax laws that need to be satisfied to properly claim such losses.

This event considered these issues so that delegates had the right information to properly claim losses.

Individual sessions

Losses overview

Author(s):  Daniel McINERNEY

This paper covers:

  • individuals - losses generally and the impact of Division 36
  • companies - the rules under Division 165 for unlisted private companies
  • loss transfer - satisfying the pre-requisites under Division 170
  • anti-avoidance - how do the specific anti-avoidance rules in Division 175 apply to prevent losses being claimed?
  • trusts - overview of Schedule 2F - including where trusts hold shares in private companies with losses.
Materials from this session: