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Managing Tax Risk and ATO Disputes: What You Should Do When the Taxman Comes Knocking

Published on 24 Sep 2009 | Took place at Perth Concert Hall, WA

The ATO is continuing to be more active in all areas of tax administration. Enquiries, audits, data matching, agents and taxpayers are under increasing pressure to meet their obligations but protect their rights.

Are you doing the right thing? Are you acting in your client’s best interests? What are you required to do?

This event helped delegates understand what the risks are and how to limit them and then if a dispute arises how to manage and favourably resolve it.

Individual sessions

Managing tax risk and ATO disputes: What you should do when the taxman comes knocking

Author(s):  Kevin SHIELDS

This paper covers:

  • managing tax risk:
    • what is tax risk?
    • managing documentation
    • accountant's privilege
    • legal professional privilege
    • private rulings
    • voluntary disclosures
  • managing ATO disputes:
    • my role as a professional advisor
    • what am I obliged to do?
    • what if I find an error?
    • when and how can I object? 
    • should I go to the AAT or Federal Court?


Materials from this session: