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Mixing Business With Charity

Published on 19 Jun 2008 | Took place at Leonda by the Yarra, Hawthorn , VIC

Charitable organizations and charitable trusts are becoming an increasingly important part of supporting social welfare, the environment, the arts, education, health and other worthwhile causes in Australia. Given the limited scope for donations, charitable organizations and trusts are constantly looking for ways to raise and collect more money for even larger and more ambitious projects.

This event, part of the Breakfast Club series, discussed several issues in this context and in light of recent decisions such as FCT v Word Investments (2007) and TACT v FCT (2008).

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Mixing business with charity

Author(s):  Michael FLYNN There are several issues associated with charitable organizations and charitable trusts, such as:

  • how far can a charitable organization or charitable trust go in operating a business?
  • can a charitable organization or trust provide technical and other services for fees?
  • when does it stop being charitable?
  • if business is going to be undertaken or services are going to be provided, what steps and precautions should be taken?
  • for how long can a charitable organization or trust accumulate income and contributions without making distributions?
  • can donors be attracted by allowing them to nominate how the money should be spent?
  • how far can a charitable organization or trust go in making it attractive to donate?

This presentation address these and other related issues in the context of recent decisions, including those in FCT v Word Investments (2007) and TACT v FCT (2008).

Materials from this session: