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NSW Annual Intensive Retreat: "Entity Taxation - 2000: A Tax Odyssey"

Published on 09 Nov 2000 | Took place at Holiday Inn Terrigal, Terrigal, NSW

This seminar covered several aspects of the Entity Taxation changes and how they affect fixed and non-fixed trusts and other groups.

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Individual sessions


Author(s):  Robert Allerdice Topics covered include:
- Self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs)
- New investment/in-house asset rules
- changes to CGT rules
- deductions for "controller" superannuation Powerpoint presentation.

Materials from this session:

Winding up non-fixed trusts pre July 1 2001

Author(s):  Mark RICHMOND This powerpoint presentation covers the methods by which a non-fixed trust can be finalised before the 1st july deadline.

Materials from this session:

What's in and what's out: fixed and non-fixed trusts

Author(s):  Karen ROOKE This powerpoint presentation looks at the difference between fixed and non-fixed trusts and what types of trusts will be effected by the new tax system.

Materials from this session:

Entity taxation policy and design features

Author(s):  Richard J VANN This presentation seeks to explain the current policy of entity taxation in Australia following the Ralph Report and the Government's decisions on the report.
Powerpoint presentation.

Materials from this session:

Implications of the Entity Tax & Consolidations RBT Change

Author(s):  Ken SPENCE This powerpoint presentation dicusses the difference in entity structures and the effects the Entity Tax changes has on each one.

Materials from this session:


Author(s):  Jon KIRKWOOD This powerpoint presentation discusses the principles around consolidation and the possible benefits and disadvantages to group consolidation.
Powerpoint presentation.

Materials from this session:

Contributions to and distributions from non-fixed trusts

Author(s):  Robert Allerdice This seminar paper seeks to clarify the changes brought on by the new entity taxation changes and how they will effect non-fixed trusts both before and after July 1st 2001.

Materials from this session: