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NSW State Convention: Getting it right...and keeping it right

Published on 25 May 2006 | Took place at Pepper Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains, NSW

This year’s Convention brought together premier tax speakers to provide a unique opportunity to comprehensively address the tax issues (and opportunities!) associated with business structures.

We know service trusts are under attack, but how serious is it, and how do you re-structure if you need to? Are the demerger provisions going to get you safely home? The Commissioner is always looking at loans - is it safe to go back into the water after the at-call loans dramas? And what about other loans? Have we really covered all the Division 7A exposure? Other sessions explored superannuation and the emerging GST issues for property development.

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Individual sessions

Super: planning issues and contribution splitting

Author(s):  Mark WILKINSON

This paper covers:

  • maximising contributions to and benefits arising from a superannuation fund
  • transition to retirement
  • what changes are needed to an estate plan as a result of financial interdependency
  • opportunities as a result of changes to pension rules.
Materials from this session:

New tax planning opportunities for SMEs - demergers

Author(s):  Kelvin FITZALAN

This paper covers:

  • demerger mechanics
  • PS LA 2005/21 - Application of Section 45B
  • application to private companies
  • class rulings.
Materials from this session:

Choosing a business structure

Author(s):  Les SZEKELY

This paper covers:

  • underrated non-tax considerations
  • balancing income tax and CGT planning considerations
  • a comparison of basic entities; sole traders, partnerships, companies, unit and discretionary trusts
  • combining entities to maximise tax opportunities
  • living with and without service entities
  • exotic structures; limited partnerships, hybrid trusts, discretionary companies
  • changing the ownership structure of a growing business.
Materials from this session:

Faith and trust: some trust taxation issues

Author(s):  Andrew Noolan

This paper covers:

  • what special problems does buying into an existing unit trust add to your due diligence activities?
  • what will you do when your trust vesting date comes around?
  • would splitting or cloning your trust provide you with any real benefits?
  • how do you structure your property trust so you do not end up paying capital gains tax twice?
  • if you have more money in your trust than you have income can you pay it out without tax consequences?
Materials from this session:

Recent developments in GST and property

Author(s):  Lachlan R WOLFERS

Division 75 of the GST Act is conceptually one of the simplest and most logical provisions of Australia’s taxing legislation.

Click here to view Part 2 of this paper, which was published in the August 2006 edition of Taxation in Australia.

Part 1 and 2 were jointly presented on 5 May 2006 at the SA State Convention and on 26 May 2006 at the NSW State Convention.

Materials from this session: