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Partnership Issues Workshop

Published on 28 Feb 2003 | Took place at City West Function Centre, City West, WA

Partnerships are a common way of carrying on a business. The income tax, capital gains tax and general commercial consequences to partners may vary significantly depending on the manner in which assets are held, and the terms of a partnership/joint venture agreement. This session will go through case studies dealing with the structuring of partnerships and joint ventures, common pitfalls and some recommendations to protect your clients' interests, and your own.

Individual sessions

Partnership Issues

Author(s):  Andrew SHAW Topics examined in the case studies include:

- Formation
- Partnership vs. joint venture
- Work in progress
- Entries and exits
- GST issues
- Changing profit sharing ratios/salaries
- Dissolution/retirement/succession issues
- Partners' access to CGT concessions.

Materials from this session: