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Partnerships: Keeping it Together

Published on 29 Jul 2003 | Took place at Sir Joseph Banks Centre, Brisbane, QLD

This practical workshop was designed to assist members in answering the following queries:
- Is my proposed structure a partnership?
- Is my partnership the best structure for this situation?
- What taxation and other issues do we need to consider?
- How can I enter/exit the partnership in the best possible way?
- How can I structure my partnership interests?

Individual sessions


Author(s):  Peter CARROLL,  Larras MOORE This seminar paper includes a range of case studies covering areas such as:
- Formation
- Differences from a Joint Venture
- Work in Progress
- Entries and Exits
- GST Issues
- Queensland Stamp Duty Implications
- Changing Profit Sharing Rations/Salaries
- Dissolution/Retirement
- CGT concessions

Materials from this session: