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Pension Tips & Traps Post June 2007 - What to do now

Published on 16 May 2007 | Took place at The University Club of WA, Crawley, WA

Since December 2006 the Government has released numerous pieces of legislation regarding the superannuation changes in the 2006 Budget. After 1 July 2007, the superannuation changes will have far-reaching effects on retirement planning and estate planning for clients. In the short term, strategies will be necessary to optimise both the tax effectiveness for clients, and the tax effectiveness for their beneficiaries. This seminar delved into the detail regarding the new pension regime and the opportunities and strategies that are available for clients.

It also covered:
- implications of electing to fall under the new pension regime
- the new tax-free amount versus the existing deductible amount
- tax effectiveness now versus tax effectiveness later
- maximising undeducted contributions
- estate planning implications including tax on exit, creating reserves, and withdrawal and recontribution prior to age 65.

Individual sessions

Pension tips and traps post 30 June 2007 - what to do now

Author(s):  Jemma SANDERSON

This presentation covers:

  • implications of electing to fall under the new pension regime
  • pension effectiveness for under 60s
  • pension restructuring opportunities prior to 30 June 2007
  • estate planning implications.
This was also presented at the Breakfast Club seminar held in Perth on 16 May 2007.
Materials from this session: