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Port Lincoln Seminar

Published on 12 Apr 2002 | Took place at Hilton Motel, Port Lincoln, SA

This seminar discusses tax planning strategies, business succession planning, recent superannuation reforms, and a recent tax update.

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Individual sessions

Tax planning strategies

Author(s):  Gary OLSEN This seminar paper provides a comprehensive review of the tax reform issues which affect end year planning, as well as considering the status of traditional tax planning techniques.

Materials from this session:

Business succession planning

Author(s):  Bernie O'SULLIVAN This seminar paper discusses the taxation issues that surround buy/sell agreements, the events that should trigger a buy/sell agreement, how can the buy out be funded, life insurance policies - how they should be owned, the valuation issues surrounding buy outs, pre-emptive rights and other succession mechanisms.

Materials from this session:

Recent superannuation reforms

Author(s):  Bernie O'SULLIVAN This seminar paper discusses new family law measures, in-house asset rules, recent cases, aggressive tax planning law, binding death benefit nominations, special income provisions, transitional RBL's.

Materials from this session:

Tax update (April 2002)

Author(s):  Raji AZZAM This seminar paper provides a review of the practical implications of recent cases, an analysis of ATO rulings and determinations, an update on issues and progress of new legislation, what you need to know about Debit Loan Accounts.

Materials from this session: