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Preserving Losses and Claiming Bad Debt Deductions

Published on 08 Jul 2009 | Took place at Holiday Inn, Adelaide, SA

In the current economic environment tax losses and capital losses will again come to the forefront of tax issues.

This event highlighted the operation of the various rules that can deny deductions for prior year losses and bad debts. It outlined practical issues for your clients and case studies considering:

  • do tax losses have any value in an entity acquisition?
  • the 'continuity of ownership' test for public and private companies
  • the 'same business test' for companies
  • the various trust loss rules
  • claiming bad debt deductions
  • how to document the results of these tests
  • recent developments in this area, including ATO approaches and case law.
Note: This event included repeats of some materials from the event Everything There is to Know About Company Losses and Tax held on 27 May 2009 in Victoria, namely: