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Private Binding Rulings - a revitalised strategy option for corporates

Published on 07 Mar 2007 | Took place at RACV Club, Melbourne, VIC

With the bedding down of both the Government’s Review of Self Assessment legislative amendments and the ATO’s new priority fast-track rulings facility, seeking a private ruling is a strategic option that now demands re-assessment by corporate groups.

This session not only covered the legislative amendments that have broadened the reach of private binding rulings, but also focussed on practical and strategic issues relevant to corporates assessing whether to seek a private binding ruling. The vital on-going “binding” nature of a ruling once obtained were also addressed.

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Private binding rulings - a revitalised strategy option for corporates

Author(s):  Michael CLOUGH

Some of the issues addressed in this presentation are:

  • the scope of issues that can now be addressed by PBR
  • strategic considerations
  • PBRs and dealing with Part IVA issues
  • ongoing binding nature of PBR if things evolve in the future
  • the approach of the Courts to PBRs
  • the priority PBR process
  • experiences of the ATO - 'the good, the bad and the ugly'
  • what can be done to enhance the process: what the ATO can do; what corporates can do.
Materials from this session: