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Private Equity

Published on 05 Mar 2008 | Took place at RACV Club, Melbourne, VIC

This event was part of the Corporate Tax Club series.

It pays to know what private equity is doing and thinking, as it’s likely to affect you:

  • your corporate may be competing against private equity (to acquire a target or raise capital); or
  • your corporate may be the target (or hold equity in it).

Moreover, it pays to understand the commercial and tax drivers of private equity - and, perhaps, what they can do that your corporate can’t - as any differences may represent areas of competitive advantage.

In this session a tax advisor, industry participant and ATO officer - who all know what’s going on in private equity - discussed the industry, covering matters including the following:

  • an outline of private equity’s various players (including their commercial and tax profiles);
  • the acquisition and funding structures being used by private equity;
  • the revenue, CGT and international implications for “carried” interests;
  • the significance of management incentives (as impacted by Draft TR 2007/D10);
  • the commercial environment for private equity (over the coming year); and
  • of course, the ATO’s perspective.

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Individual sessions

Income tax issues

Author(s):  Toby EGGLESTON

This presentation includes coverage of:

  • fund structures
  • non-resident investors
  • manager and investee structures
  • management and investor issues.
Materials from this session:

An ATO perspective on private equity

Author(s):  Jan Farrell

This presentation covers:

  • ATO research and analysis
  • ATO compliance approach
  • technical issues.
Materials from this session:

The commercial environment for private equity over the next 12 months

Author(s):  Andrew COWLISHAW

This presentation covers:

  • effects of subprime
  • "polarization" of the PE market
  • bear market
  • deal types.
Materials from this session: