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Recent Developments in Property Development

Published on 06 Aug 2009 | Took place at RACV Club, Melbourne, VIC

This event was aimed at accountants, tax agents and lawyers who have clients interested in property development. Property development structuring involves consideration of a number of complex tax and legal issues including income tax, CGT, GST, state duties, land tax and now the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC).

Knowledge of these constantly evolving areas is required to fully inform and advise clients of their tax and legal obligations, regardless of the size and scale of the development in question.

This event covered a number of key tax and legal issues relating to the structuring and running of property development activities in Victoria.

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Individual sessions

Income tax issues in property development

Author(s):  Frank HINOPOROS

This paper covers:

  • revenue v capital
  • CGT and trading stock
  • the main residence exemption in the context of property development
  • structuring issues
  • a roadmap of the revenue/capital distinction.
Materials from this session:

Property development agreements - Legal and tax structuring issues

Author(s):  Michael TAYLOR-SANDS

This paper covers:

  • what are PDA's
  • in what circumstances are PDA's typically used?
  • how do PDA structures typically look?
  • what commercial reasons drive the use of PDA's?
  • what revenue reasons drive the use of PDA's?
  • what are the downsides in using PDA's?
  • what vehicles typically appear in PDA structures and why?
  • what are the security issues in a PDA structure?
  • what are the key elements of the document?
  • is their flexibility around developer fee methodology?
  • is a management committee essential?
  • should there be a power of attorney?
  • emerging trends.
Materials from this session:

Recent developments in property development

Author(s):  Peter QUATTROCCHI

This presentation covers:

  • Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution
  • GST Margin Scheme changes
  • duties amendments.
Materials from this session: