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Review of Self-Assessment

Published on 13 Mar 2006 | Took place at The Chifley at Lennons, Brisbane, QLD

Last year, Treasury issued a report, Review of Self Assessment (ROSA), recommending fundamental changes to the way in which the self-assessment system works. Essentially, Treasury was given the brief of examining how the ATO deals with taxpayers, and what could (or should) be done better. Many of the changes which were recommended by ROSA have already been legislated, and the ATO has committed to change its processes to respond to the rest of the recommendations.

This means that fundamental changes have occurred in the areas of General Interest Charge, Penalties and Amendments of Assessments. The private ruling provisions have been completely re-written, allowing for greater scope to apply for private rulings, to increase certainty for your clients. This seminar looked at ROSA, and what these changes mean to the tax profession.

Topics covered include:
- how to work out whether the ATO is out of time to re-assess your clients under the new regime?
- what has changed in relation to penalties (and what remains the same)?
- how does the new Shortfall Interest Charge operate, and when will it be imposed?
- how has the private ruling process changed (and has it changed for the better)?
- is anything else set for a shake-up as a result of ROSA?

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Individual sessions

Review of aspects of income tax self assessment

Author(s):  Michael O'SHANNASSY This paper looks at why there was a review of the self assessment system.

Materials from this session:

Review of self-assessment

Author(s):  Craig BOWIE

This paper discusses the Treasury report on aspects of tax self assessment, better known as ROSA, the Review of Self Assessment.

This paper was also presented on 19 May 2006 at the North Queensland Convention in Townsville.

Materials from this session: