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Secure Property Foundations

Published on 19 Jul 2005 | Took place at The Menzies Hotel, Sydney, NSW

These materials will sharply identify and explain - through worked examples - the most significant 'max value' tax issues for you and your tax client investors.

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Individual sessions

Property: associated GST issues

Author(s):  Andre SPNOVIC

Issues covered in this paper include:

  • acquisitions under the margin scheme
  • capital v revenue distinction
  • GST registration
  • change of use provisions (eg. Divisions 129 and 135)
  • residential v other forms of real property
  • disposals.
Materials from this session:

Main residence exemption

Author(s):  Kamlee COOREY

Issues covered in this paper include:

  • subdivision / partitions
  • renting out your residency
  • rules for spouses
  • changing your main residency - overlap of time periods
  • case study examples.
Materials from this session:

Interest: Key Practice Issues

Author(s):  Patrick C GALLAGHER

Issues covered in this paper include:

  • the fundamental nature of interest
  • why interest is never 'capital'
  • when is interest too early?
  • what makes interest too late?
  • split and linked loans issues
  • capital protection issues.
Materials from this session:

Capital works

Author(s):  Tristan WEBB

Issues covered in this paper include:

  • what is my rental property deduction?
  • capital works / allowances distinction
  • getting through Division 43
  • strata title issues and substantiation
  • appropriate property holding structures.
Materials from this session:

Property deductions: new developments on old issues

Author(s):  Helen HODGSON

Issues covered in this paper include:

  • travel to your rental property (s.25-100 of ITAA 1997)
  • repairs - initial and ongoing
  • capital allowances - what constitutes a depreciable asset?
  • associated timing issues.
Materials from this session:

Current tax policy - issues in real property

Author(s):  Peter ADAMS

Issues covered in this presentation include:

  • GST: The margin scheme, grouping rules and joint ventures
  • depreciation: 'plant' in rental properties, effective life issues
  • FBT: house and land packages as in-house benefits
  • asset and infrastructure financing
  • NSW vendor duty and land tax.
Materials from this session: