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Service Entities (Trusts/Companies)

Published on 04 Nov 1998 | Took place at City West Function Centre, Perth , WA

This seminar discusses Service Entities and Service Trust arrangements.

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Individual sessions

Service Entities (Trusts/Companies): The Commissioner

Author(s):  Chandra SHARMA This paper dicusses the Commissioner's long held views on Service Entities and concludes that service entities are acceptable for so long as the rates that are charged for the services provided are commercially realistic and are based on market rates.

Materials from this session:

Service Trust Arrangements: "Cordon Bleu or Disaster Recipe"

Author(s):  Michael MCCLAREN This paper focuses on a number of points including: Are Service Trust Arrangements still acceptable and spotless?; A look at Phillips case and why it succeeded; How to implement Service Arrangements; Service and Administration Entities and Superannuation; GST and Service Entities.

Materials from this session: