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SME Consolidation - Act before it's too late!

Published on 23 Jul 2003 | Took place at AMF Centre, Glenside, SA

The Consolidation legislation has been passed by Parliament. You've heard the theory and now it's time to act. Many SMEs are going down the path of the 'easy way out' of the tax consolidation measures by simply opting for transitional valuation options. The peril of the 'too hard' approach means that SMEs may be losing out on valuable benefits arising from the tax consolidation reforms.

This seminar focussed on ensuring that tax consolidation decision making is fully informed to maximise the benefits from the reforms.

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Individual sessions

Consolidating a SME Group

Author(s):  Con TRAGAKIS,  Scott EDWARDS It is clear that most corporate groups will need to consolidate. The critical decision is when to consolidate and what the implications will be. These case studies concentrate on a cost/benefit analysis of the consolidation decision date and impact on asset values.

Issues covered include:
- when you need to consolidate
- what the critical dates are
- when the transitional concessions run out
- which method - transitional vs ongoing?
- the assets that are affected - goodwill and intangibles, pre CGT assets, retained v reset cost base assets
- what it all means for CGT cost bases, depreciation cost bases and revenue assets
- how to consolidate simple groups of companies.

Materials from this session:

Treatment of Tax Losses

Author(s):  Gary MARTIN Can all losses be used? These case studies focus on using losses within entity groups:
- how fast can losses be used?
- what concessions are available - value and loss donor provisions and concessionally treated losses
- when subsidiaries need to be valued - can this be avoided?
- using losses in a post consolidation world.

Materials from this session: