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Stamp Duty Intensive

Published on 25 Sep 2003 | Took place at Novotel Adelaide on Hindley, Adelaide , SA

Where's the duty on common transactions?

This highly practical session dealt with common significant business issues.

The lectures were presented by experienced South Australian stamp duty practitioners who provided an overview and case studies for useful and immediate practical use.

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Individual sessions

Stamp Duty on Business Sales

Author(s):  Geoff CRAWFORD Topics covered in this seminar paper include:
- corporate reconstructions
- goodwill
- Clayton's contracts
- partnership transactions
- agreements
- apportionment issues.

Materials from this session:

Shares/Units/Partnership Interests

Author(s):  Phillip LAITY Topics covered in this seminar paper include:
- issues
- redemptions
- transfers
- valuations. It also compares the treatment of shares, units and partnership interests, including how to spot a land rich entity.

Materials from this session:

Real Property

Author(s):  Paul TANTI This seminar paper covers the following topics:
- off the plan sales - deferred settlement contracts; purchaser's improvements; community, strata and freehold titles
- in specie distributions by trusts - Section 71(5)(e) & (f)
- water licences - Circular No. 239
- GST interface issues.

Materials from this session:

RevenueSA Issues

Author(s):  Simon MCKEE This seminar paper shows how to enhance your dealings with RevenueSA with regard to:
- corporate reconstruction relief applications
- the objection and appeal processes
- compliance audits.

It also provides an overview of the relevant administrative processes, an update on current issues, and practical advice on how to maximise your dealings with RevenueSA with regard to the three topics.

Materials from this session: