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State Taxes Intensive Seminar

Published on 09 Sep 2004 | Took place at Holiday Inn on Hindley, Adelaide, SA

This seminar focused on practical state tax and revenue issues, in particular, stamp duty as it applies to business transactions.

Comment was also made on current payroll tax and land tax issues. For example, what is the current position on payroll tax grouping? What is the current position with land tax and multiple land holdings?

All business transactions require that attention be given to stamp duty ramifications by professional advisers. The intention of the seminar was to focus on main stream issues arising in the context of trusts, business and business asset conveyances.

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Individual sessions

Stamp duty and business assets

Author(s):  Andrew ANDREYEV This paper covers:
- 'asset' versus 'entity' transactions
- some general principles
- the 'sale contract' and 'conveyances'
- nexus with South Australia
- specific business assets
- farming businesses
- financing the acquisition
- valuation issues.

Materials from this session:

Dealing with business assets

Author(s):  Paul TANTI This presentation covers:
- Section 71E - Clayton's contracts
- Section 67 - contract splitting
- land tax - multiple holdings and principal place of residence.

Materials from this session:

Stamp duty and trusts

Author(s):  Paul INGRAM Topics covered in this paper include:
- nominee arrangements
- discretionary trusts - variation and splitting
- unit trusts - unit transfers and redemptions and the JWW Nominees case
- superannuation funds - common transactions.

Materials from this session:

Payroll tax update

Author(s):  Glynn FLAHERTY Topics covered in this paper include:
- taxable wages - the ins and outs
- when contractors are caught - the hidden danger
- are you grouped?
- employing interstate and overseas
- audit focus.

Materials from this session: