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Strategies for SMSFs to Enhance Growth and Manage Tax

Published on 25 May 2006 | Took place at City West Function Centre, West Perth , WA

This session was an informative presentation on the use of Self Funding Instalment strategies for your clients with SMSFs.

Individual sessions

Strategies for SMSFs to enhance growth and manage tax: product overview - self funding instalments

Author(s):  Philip MCLEAN

The paper covers:

  • what are instalments and how do they work?
    • overview of self funding instalments and income instalments
    • what are they?
    • how do they work?
    • why you should use SFIs in self managed superannuation funds?
    • how do you implement the use of SFI into a SMSF?
    • shares versus instalment warrants in SMSF
    • extracting cash from existing portfolios and diversify investments
  • regulatory requirements
    • SIS regulations
    • investment strategy considerations
    • tax considerations
  • case studies using self funding instalments in SMSF
    • long term growth
    • tax management.
Materials from this session: