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Structuring a Business - CGT Concessions and other Issues

Published on 13 Dec 2000 | Took place at Australian Mineral Foundation, Glenside, SA

This seminar reviews the critical issues in structuring a small business in light of business tax reform announcements from 21 September 1999. This includes a look at alternative structures for acquiring business and investment assets, with a focus on accessing the CGT concessions. Involves a series of case studies.

Individual sessions

Structuring a Business - CGT Concessions and other Issues

Author(s):  Paul INGRAM,  Andrew SINCLAIR,  Peter SLEGERS A practical case study session which covers the following issues: Alternative business structures; Typical industry structures; Impact of CGT discount; Impact of small business relief; General impact of entity taxation; Sale of business assets vs sale of interest in entity; Stamp duty; Asset protection.
Powerpoint presentation.

Materials from this session: