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Succession/Wealth Planning Workshop

Published on 05 Sep 1997 | Took place at Brisbane Hilton, Brisbane, QLD

Covers Partnerships & Individuals; Will, Death & Divorce; Companies & Trusts; Superannuation.

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Individual sessions

Companies and Trusts

Author(s):  Mark L ROBERTSON Topics covered include: New value shifting rules; Loss trusts; Section 108; Share buy backs/Liquidations; Part IVA; Goodwill exemption.

Materials from this session:

Partnerships and Individuals

Author(s):  Sandra RODMAN A look at Partnerships in relation to: Entry/Exit, Mergers, CGT issues, Goodwill, Assignment of Income, Interest Deductions; and and a discussion of Individuals in relation to: Wills, Death & Divorce, and Testamentary Trusts.

Materials from this session:


Author(s):  Peter GILL Discusses the Superannuation Surcharge, Wills and Superannuation; Investment considerations; Current issues.

Materials from this session: