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Superannuation & Estate Planning

Published on 04 Feb 2010 | Took place at Crowne Plaza, Parramatta, NSW

This event, part of the Breakfast Club series, provided practitioners with a useful tool kit to assist with identifying the relevant issues and understand the latest cutting edge strategies which may be implemented for clients.

The event was aimed at those involved in estate planning for clients. A tax update session was also included.

Note: This event was also held in Sydney on 2 February 2010.

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Individual sessions

Tax update

Author(s):  Peter ADAMS This presentation gives an update on the previous 2 months, eg. cases and legislation.

Materials from this session:

Estate planning & superannuation

Author(s):  Paul EVANS Generally, after the family home, superannuation is the biggest asset by value for most people. Accordingly, practitioners need to take careful consideration of a person's superannuation as part of any estate planning process. To properly undertake this task, it requires a good understanding of the complex superannuation laws and how superannuation death benefits are taxed.

Materials from this session: