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Superannuation - Focus on SMFs

Published on 17 Jul 2003 | Took place at Christie Centre, Brisbane, QLD

At this seminar, Brisbane's premier superannuation practitioners discussed the full self managed fund life cycle from set up, through asset accumulation and management, related party dealings and other unusual transactions, to ETPs, pensions and winding up, as well as the difficulties posed by death and divorce.

A special feature were the messages on compliance (and noncompliance focus) from the Australian Taxation Office.

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Individual sessions

Set up an SMF: Implementing the Idea

Author(s):  Neal DALLAS This seminar paper covers the following topics:
- how much do you need?
- the informed fund trustee
- accumulation v defined benefit
- SGC changes
- eligible spouse contributions
- government co-contribution
- planning for surcharge reduction
- varying your deed.

Materials from this session:

The Prudently Managed Fund

Author(s):  Tim KENDALL This presentation covers the following topics:
- investment strategies
- prudential standards
- artworks and chattels
- installment warrants
- liability v borrowing
- shareholder discount cards
- member reporting.

Materials from this session:

Dealing with Related Parties

Author(s):  Joanne DWYER This seminar paper covers the following topics:
- Part 8 associates
- geared trusts
- business real property
- property joint ventures
- keeping it in house
- Swiss chalets (and other sole purposes)
- distributions to SMFs.

Materials from this session:

Lump Sums and Winding Up

Author(s):  Scott HAY-BARTLEM This seminar paper covers the following issues:
- death benefits and binding nominations
- splitting super - matrimonial settlements
- dealing with 'blended' families
- forfeited benefits
- re-contribution strategies
- taxation of ETP components
- documenting your ETP
- bona fide redundancy.

Materials from this session:

Drawing Your Pension

Author(s):  Allan MCPHERSON This seminar paper covers the following topics:
- segregating assets
- allocated pensions v complying income streams
- commutation
- effect on Centrelink benefits
- RBLs and excess benefits.

Materials from this session:

The Regulator's Approach

Author(s):  Lesley EAST This presentation covers the following issues:
- the myth of Dracula and the blood bank
- audit statistics
- ATO priorities and focus areas
- non-compliance triggers
- common pitfalls
- messages for the practitioner.

Materials from this session: