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Surviving the tax marathon

Published on 25 May 2000 | Took place at Manly Pacific ParkRoyal, NSW

The NSW Annual State Convention titled 'Surviving the tax marathon' covered the current changes to the tax environment including GST, scrip-for-scrip rollovers, tax structures post Ralph, tax simplification for small to medium enterprises, Option 2, and CGT changes.

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Individual sessions

Choosing a structure post Ralph- 10 FAQs

Author(s):  Gil LEVY A paper summarising the changes to CGT which are relevant to choosing a structure post Ralph

Materials from this session:

Option 2- Extracts From Tax Value Method

Author(s):  Tony STOLAREK Summary of the paper prepared by the Working Group on Tax Value Method in December 1999

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Scrip-for-scrip takeovers and CGT relief

Author(s):  Christopher CATT A paper covering: Using full and partial scrip-for-scrip relief; Offers and Schemes of Arrangement; Non-voting shares and the 80% acceptance requirement; Downstream acquisitions - recent amendments; Treatment of non-resident shareholders and purchasers.

Materials from this session:

Entity Taxation: Choosing a Tax Structure Post Ralph

Author(s):  Ross SELLER This paper focuses on the changes that have been recommended by the Ralph committee and which the government seems committed to introduce from 1 July 2001 will result in trusts being taxed in the same matter as companies. Other entities will be taxed in a similar manner, with this paper we will deal with trusts in particular and represent an overview of how we expect these provisions to apply.

Materials from this session:

Tax Simplification for Small to Medium Enterprises

Author(s):  Robert DOUGLAS,  Roan FRYER Topics covered in this paper include: Eligibility requirements; Prepayments; Trading Stock Options; Entry exit rules; Cash accounting; Depreciation calculations.

Materials from this session:

Capital Gains Tax

Author(s):  Gordon S COOPER This powerpoint presentation covers: The new CGT rate for individuals - how does it work?; How do the new rules apply to trusts?; What are eligible assets for the purposes of the new rules?; What is the new small business concession and how does it work?

Materials from this session:

Tax and the Individual

Author(s):  Greg HOLLANDS Topics covered in this paper include: What is the impact of the taxation changes to personal tax rates, rebates and the tax free threshold?; What impact will these changes have on social security benefits?; What is the impact of the introduction of reportable fringe benefits?

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Author(s):  Robert Allerdice A more indepth version of this paper was originally presented at the NSW state convention in May 2000. This update includes further developments in Superannuation since that time.

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GST First Aid

Author(s):  Robert DEUTSCH This paper covers: What your clients should be doing to ensure they are GST compliant on 1 July 2000?; What is going to be the impact on their cash flows if they are not? Can they claim back the special one off sales tax credit?

Materials from this session: