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Published on 20 Oct 2000 | Took place at The Eastcoaster Resort, Orford, TAS

The 2000 Tasmanian Annual State Convention.

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Individual sessions

Entity Taxation - "The Approaching Squall"

Author(s):  Gordon S COOPER Topics covered in this seminar paper include: Setting the context of entity taxation as part of a team; Overview of the legislation and its key technical areas.

Materials from this session:

The Profits First Rule - "Storm Clouds on the Horizon"

Author(s):  Trevor R HUGHES Topics in this powerpoint presentation include: Strategies to reduce the impact of profit's first rule; How to access capital? Contributed capital regime - what loans are caught?; Grandfathering of old loans.

Materials from this session:

Taxation Reform for Small Business

Author(s):  Dr Michael DIRKIS Topics covered in this seminar paper include: Eligibility requirements; Pre-payments and other impacts; Trading stock elections; Impact of entry and exit into small business regime.

Materials from this session:

General Update on Tax Law/Cases

Author(s):  Keith JAMES A general review of critical cases and legislative changes other than those relating to RBT or GST issues is coverd in this powerpoint presentation.

Materials from this session:

Trusts after the Family Trust Election

Author(s):  Michael HINE Topics covered in this seminar paper include: What is a family trust?; When is a family trust election required?; Trust loss legislation; Accessing imputation credits; Impact of entity taxation; UB Statements.

Materials from this session:

Capital Gains Tax - "Choosing the Right Course"

Author(s):  Chris EVANS This convention paper cntains an overview of the recent fundamental changes to the CGT provisions and calculation of liability.

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Anti-Avoidance Risks -"The Hidden Reef"

Author(s):  Ray L CONWELL Topics covered in this seminar presentation: An overview of revised integrity and anti-avoidance provisions; New Part 4A; Personal services income measures; Non-commercial losses.

Materials from this session: