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Published on 19 Oct 2001 | Took place at Eastcoaster Resort, Orford, Tasmania , TAS

The tax landscape has undergone further significant change in the last 12 months. The Convention features a range of topics, including, Business and investment structures, debt equity, CGT, investment rules applying to superannuation funds, capital allowances, tax and commercial negotiations, latest tax cases and rulings, tax reform, GST and going concern.

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Individual sessions

Tax reform: where are we at?

Author(s):  Alice MCCLEARY This seminar paper provides a brief summary of what taxation was like before the Ralph Report, what Ralph recommendations there were and what recommendations have passed through parliament.

Materials from this session:

Business and investment structures

Author(s):  Peter RILEY This seminar paper focuses on: key drivers impacting business and investment structures, business tax reform implications, real life case studies.

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Picking the best shares for investments

Author(s):  Dominic WALLACE This powerpoint presentation provides JB Were's best share picks at the current time and run through the rationale for each selection.

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Capital allowances

Author(s):  Miranda STEWART The new capital allowance regime has changed the tax treatment of a variety of capital items and confused the treatment of some revenue items. This session will focus on the changes that will need to be made from 1 July.

Materials from this session:

CGT: exploiting the small business retirement exemption

Author(s):  Jerry REILLY This powerpoint presentation discusses exploiting the small business retirement exemption in CGT, with a focus on: the technical rules, the interaction with CGT discount and other small business concessions, the interaction with ETP and RBL rules.

Materials from this session:

Tax update

Author(s):  Craig LEIGHTON This seminar paper examines a selection of important changes in the tax landscape over the 2001 calendar year.

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Investment rules applying to superannuation funds

Author(s):  Doug FARCH Superannuation funds operate in a complex regulatory environment from both a tax and operational perspective. The investment rules are a key component of this complex regulatory framework. This seminar paper looks at the different issues related to complying with these rules.

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Author(s):  Mark MORRIS This powerpoint presentation outlines the key legislative provisions of debt/equity.

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Going, going gone! - GST and the going concern concession

Author(s):  Jim MURRAY This powerpoint presentation will examine problems that arise from a GST perspective in acquisitions and disposals in general with particular reference to: what is going concern for GST purposes, asset sale versus going concern, what are common problem areas and how to fix them, how to go about determining whether it is GST free or not.

Materials from this session:

Tax and commercial negotiations

Author(s):  Graeme HALPERIN This seminar paper looks at contract clauses dealing with tax and commercial negotiations.

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