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Tax Consolidations for Advisors of SME Groups – “What You Need to Know” (session 2)

Published on 23 Apr 2009 | Took place at Swissotel, Sydney, NSW

Are you prepared if your SME client asks you about the benefits of forming a tax consolidated group? Can you advise your SME client of how to cost-effectively form and maintain a tax consolidated group to reduce their tax burden?

Aimed at tax advisors, lawyers and in-house accountants involved in advising clients that are consolidated or that are considering forming a tax consolidated group this event focused on issues impacting tax consolidated groups in the SME market.

Note: The first session for this event was held on 26 March 2009. The materials were different and are on this website as a separate event.

Individual sessions

Managing and exiting a tax consolidated group

Author(s):  Ray BEATH

This paper covers:

  • the single entity rule and what it means for tax reporting
  • how the consolidated tax return is prepared
  • using your tax losses and available fractions
  • what happens when a subsidiary member leaves the group
  • how to calculate the Capital Gain or Loss on exit – the “exit ACA”
  • potential traps in preparing the exit ACA
  • what “clear exit payments” are and how they relate to the TSA
  • how parliament’s proposed changes to tax consolidation may impact your clients.
Materials from this session: