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Published on 30 Mar 2000 | Took place at Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, National

This annual convention has gathered the "tax stars" who will explain the impact of the major tax reform proposals. Practical workshops provided hands-on exposure to each of the changes and demonstrated how these will affect most taxpayers and their advisers.

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Individual sessions

The Sting: Depreciation and Leasing

Author(s):  Tony BAXTER A paper which discusses the changes to depreciation and leasing, including: Tax value and the full absorption cost approach; What is effective life?; Buildings and effective life write-offs; Pool deductions for project development costs; Depreciation of intangible assets.

Materials from this session:

2000 and beyond: the High Court and tax

Author(s):  Ian CALLINAN Keynote speaker, Justice Ian Callinan, discusses the High Court and tax.

Materials from this session:

The big picture: overview of the review of busines

Author(s):  Alice MCCLEARY A paper which presents an overview of the Review of Business Taxes, including; What had been adopted; What has yet to be decided; What happens next; Implications for tax professionals.

Materials from this session:

The labyrinth: entity taxation and consolidation

Author(s):  Andrew SINCLAIR This paper refers to all six recommendations, then endeavours to provide some insight as to how consolidation may apply,particularly to closely held entities including trusts. There is no draft legislation available yet. It is anticipated that draft legislationmay be available around June/July 2000, with the family group provisions to be drafted thereafter.

Materials from this session:

Risky business: cash flow/tax value approach

Author(s):  Neil WARD A paper which discusses how the government is to incorporate a new way to calculate taxable income in its high-level reform of the business tax system.

Materials from this session:

The Matrix: GST - 'last minute worries"

Author(s):  Al SMOLAK This paper examines the policy and history of how the GST was introduced into Australia under the Howard government

Materials from this session:

CGT Q & A: CGT for small business

Author(s):  Geoff PETERSSON This paper poses a number of CGT questions under tax reform and provides the answers.

Materials from this session:

Catch 22: Taxing of Capital Gains

Author(s):  Gordon S COOPER A paper which looks at the fundamental changes to the structure of the CGT provisions and calculation of liability.

Materials from this session: