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The Art of Making Decisions

Published on 22 Jul 2009 | Took place at Taxation Insitute of Australia, Melbourne, VIC

The ability to apply knowledge of taxation law to complex commercial problems in a clear and decisive way is a key skill for tax consultants. Decision mapping can help.

Decision mapping is a new technique for displaying the thinking behind complex decisions. Tax professionals can use it to help clients better appreciate their options and the grounds for preferring one option over another.

In decision mapping, we lay out the issues, options, pros & cons, and arguments & evidence in a special kind of diagram known as a decision map. A decision map is like a mind map or flowchart, but designed specifically for complex decision making.

Individual sessions

Notes on decision mapping

Author(s):  Tim VAN GELDER

This paper gives an introduction to decision mapping and its use in communicating with clients. It covers:

  • decision mapping: what is it and why use it?
  • decision mapping basics
  • guidelines for better mapping
  • presenting maps to clients.
Materials from this session: