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The Burning Issues In 2002

Published on 17 May 2002 | Took place at Newcastle/Canberra/Ballina , NSW

This seminar includes the practical aspects of the small business CGT concessions, current superannuation issues, and the non-commercial loss provisions.

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Individual sessions

Issues that arise under small business CGT concessions

Author(s):  Roger HAMILTON This seminar paper discusses the disposal of interests in trusts and companies, the $5 threshold test and what is taken into account and how the test applies to various structures, what is an 'active asset': problems with leased/licensed assets, when is the 'controller test' satisfied and what happens if satisfied, what is a 'replacement asset' and how do you satisfy the replacement rollover, order in which concessions apply, particular problems with discretionary trusts, problems with multi-tiered structures.

Materials from this session:

Current superannuation issues

Author(s):  Andrew SKINNER This seminar paper discusses the budget announcements and how they effect planning, revisiting the unit trust structure and security and borrowing issues, the phasing in of the 'in-house asset' rules and planning opportunities, current thinking in payment of benefits, RBL issues , interaction with small business CGT concessions.

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Non commercial losses and prepayments

Author(s):  I DAVIDSON This seminar paper discusses the tests for non commercial losses and prepayments, practical solutions to satisfying the tests, interaction of prepayments with the simplified tax system, case study scenarios.

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Recent important developments

Author(s):  Robert Allerdice This seminar paper discusses the PSI rules, consolidation and the impact on SMEs, and important GST rulings in relation to property transactions.

Materials from this session: