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The Changing Face of Consolidations for SMEs

Published on 23 Apr 2009 | Took place at The Chifley at Lennons, Brisbane, QLD

This event covered tax consolidation at an intermediate level and was aimed at all who advise in this area.

Even though the consolidation regime has now been with us for some time and has become common place among our client base, some facets of the regime still present practical issues for practitioners. Further, important changes to the consolidation regime are imminent. Knowledge of these changes, and how they will affect clients, is a must.

This event gave an update on changes to the Consolidations regime as well as providing guidance in some of the ‘tricky’ areas.

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Individual sessions

Resetting tax values in 2009

Author(s):  Mauro Liberatore,  Rohan PORTER

This paper covers:

  • practical issues in acquiring a subsidiary into an existing group
  • what happens if I form a group now? - traps for the unwary
  • focus on 2009 amendments.
Materials from this session:

How difficult is it to recoup a loss in a consolidated group in 2009?

Author(s):  Stephen HOLMES

This paper covers:

  • bringing tax losses into a consolidated group
  • restrictions on utilising losses in the group
  • carry forward loss tests for consolidation groups.
Materials from this session:

Selling a subsidiary - Tax exit calculations in the real world

Author(s):  Hayden BENTLEY

This paper covers:

  • headaches on exiting a group - when should I sell the assets instead?
  • when should my group sell subsidiaries?
  • do the announced changes help or hinder?
Materials from this session:

Tax consolidations: Mergers & acquisitions

Author(s):  Michael CHANG

This paper covers:

  • planning for transactions involving tax consolidations
  • consolidations and M&A transactions - practicalities
  • PAYG instalments - TAX Consolidated Groups
  • proposed changes to the scrip for scrip rollover rules and tax consolidation.
Materials from this session: