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The Great Debate - Trusts vs Companies

Published on 06 Mar 2003 | Took place at City West Function Centre, Perth, WA

Which is the most tax efficient entity - a Trust or a Company?

This debate involved each team and team member advocating why their entity is the more tax efficient, followed by the necessary rebuttal.

Key issues debated included:
- tax rates
- tax concessions
- entry and exit strategies
- flexibility
- tax reform impacts
- compliance costs and obligations.

Advocates highlighted the key factors to be considered when choosing to trade through either a trust or a company, highlighting those that make each entity more efficient than the other.

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Individual sessions

Walter Tieleman's case for trusts

Author(s):  Walter J TIELEMAN Walter Tieleman debates the case for Trusts.

Materials from this session:

Brett Davies' case for trusts

Author(s):  Brett DAVIES Brett Davies debates the case for trusts.

Materials from this session:

Roger Sullivan's case for companies

Author(s):  Roger SULLIVAN Roger Sullivan argues in favour of companies.

Materials from this session:

Advantages of a Company Structure

Author(s):  Richard NORTON Richard Norton argues in favour of companies.

Materials from this session: