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The Ins and Outs of Employee Share and Option Plans

Published on 03 May 2007 | Took place at The Melbourne Hotel, Perth, WA

Employee share and option plans come in many shapes and sizes. This seminar covered the ramifications to both employees and employers who partake in or are contemplating partaking in such plans.

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An employee's perspective - employee share and option plans

Author(s):  Justin MCGOVERN With unemployment at record lows and with capacity constraints becoming a key issue it is essential for employers to attract and retain key employees. Employee Share and Option Plans are becoming an essential component of the package an employer will offer. For many employees these are regarded as a windfall. However, whilst these plans are intended to provide a reward and incentive to employees, they do have a tax cost associated with them which if not given due consideration at the appropriate time can result in a substantial reduction in the after tax benefit provided to an employee. This paper highlights the tax issues relating to these plans and some of the opportunities that may arise.

Materials from this session: