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The Meaning of (Effective) Life

Published on 25 Sep 2003 | Took place at Leonda by the Yarra, Hawthorn, VIC

As we strive for never ending perfection in our professional lives we should not overlook the fact that 'effective life' is given meaning with tax laws. In fact it is so good that we can even determine our own effective life! Well OK, so it relates only to income producing assets but at least it may give us some degree of 'discretion' in determining the dues owed to the taxman!

This seminar looked at critical issues for capital allowances and black hole expenditure deductions. In an era where we so often rely on our computer software to calculate the entitlements attaching to capital assets, it's a subject that can reward quite well if time is taken to understand the detail.

Individual sessions

Uniform Capital Allowances

Author(s):  Tony MORGANTI This presentation focusses on:
- holder rules - who is entitled to depreciation?
- effective life calculations
- balancing adjustments and roll over relief
- low value pool
- black hole expenditure.

Materials from this session: