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The New Stamp Act and more

Published on 21 Sep 2007 | Took place at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, WA

State taxes are once again in focus with the release of the proposed Duties Bill and the State Tax Review’s Final Report. This is an excellent opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of what is in the new duties legislation and to find out what the new legislation will mean in practice.

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Individual sessions

WA stamp duty rewrite - landholder entities

Author(s):  Graeme COTTERILL

This paper covers:

  • what will change for companies and trusts holding land?
  • the impact of the 60% land rich test disappearing
  • how transactions between related entities will be treated differently.
Materials from this session:

WA payroll tax

Author(s):  Teague CZISLOWSKI

This paper covers:

  • current issues and traps
  • overview of recent cases
  • the art of the audit - practical considerations.
Materials from this session:

WA state taxes update

Author(s):  Shaun GARLICK

This paper covers:

  • legislative amendments over the last 12 months
  • changes to practices and rulings
  • recent cases.
Materials from this session:

WA Duties Bill 2007 - a practitioner's view

Author(s):  Grahame YOUNG

This paper covers:

  • finding your way around the draft legislation
  • new concepts to learn and what to unlearn
  • transfer duty issues, partnerships and trusts.
Materials from this session:

WA stamp duty rewrite

Author(s):  Marcelyn NICOLAOU

This paper covers:

  • the transaction based approach to transfer duty
  • the landholder model
  • the corporate reconstruction exemption.
Materials from this session:

WA Government's review of state taxes 2005-2007

Author(s):  Jonathan ILBERY

This paper includes:

  • summation of the report of the Chair of the Reference Committee
  • what has been adopted or implemented to date
  • what needs to happen from here and how does it happen.
Materials from this session: