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The Top 4 Rulings of 1999

Published on 20 Jul 1999 | Took place at Australian Mineral Foundation, Glenside , SA

During the 1999 year several draft rulings were issued which will affect both practitioners and commercial tax advisors. During this workshop an overview of the rulings TR 1999/D1, TR 1999/D4, TR 1999/D5 and TR 1999/D7 will be presented, including an explanation of the practical effects of each.

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Individual sessions

TR 1999/D1: Income tax and FBT: Meaning of personal injury

Author(s):  Jennifer OSTLER Topics include: ruling; meaning of 'personal injury'; personal injury 'to a person'; behavioural and non-behavioural injury; personal injury and wrongful dismissal.

Materials from this session:

Tax update July 1999

Author(s):  Grantley STEVENS Powerpoint presentation with latest news on tax rulings, draft tax rulings, product rulings, Ralph Report, dividends and interest paid, and Tax Office crackdown on linked bond arrangements/capitl protected products.

Materials from this session:

Salary packaging: Draft Taxation Ruling TR 1999/D7

Author(s):  James MACKY Salary sacrifice arrangements: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Materials from this session:

TR 1999/D5: Motor vehicle lease novation arrangements

Author(s):  Garry WINTER Topics include: what the draft ruling is about; novations; partial novation before and on 17/6/1998; partial novation after 17/6/19998.

Materials from this session:

TR 1999/D4: Treatment of forfeited deposits

Author(s):  Ian SNOOK Topics include: what the ruling is about; Guy's case; underlying asset; contractual rights; continuum of events.

Materials from this session: