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The Unknown Traps With Tax Effective Products

Published on 30 Oct 2008 | Took place at Leonda by the Yarra, Hawthorn , VIC

This event was part of the Breakfast Club series.

When assessing a tax effective product there is a lot of fine print which is ignored or misunderstood. Further, financial services laws and professional standards may be broken in addition to tax laws. As a result, a tax effective product may not only result in tax litigation with the ATO but in commercial litigation between clients, advisers, financiers and promoters. It can also result in investigations and intervention by regulatory authorities.

This event discussed some unknown traps with tax effective products.

Individual sessions

The unknown traps with tax effective products

Author(s):  Andrew COX

This paper covers:

  • the nature of risks with tax effective products
  • some risks that should never be incurred by clients or their advisers
  • using your letter of engagement to "frustrate" litigation lawyers
  • Financial Services Licensing exemptions, professional standards exposures and commission payments
  • risk indicators - using the benefit of hindsight for the future
  • recent Court developments
Materials from this session: