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Top 5 Cases that Influenced the Tax World in 1998

Published on 16 Feb 1999 | Took place at Australian Mineral Foundation, Glenside, SA

In 1998 several cases were decided which had significant implication to practitioners and commercial tax advisors alike. During this Workshop a brief overview of the top 5 cases selected by the TIA's Education Committeee will be presented, including in particular an explanation of the practical effects of each decision.

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Individual sessions

The Bellinz Case and the Rulings System

Author(s):  Nick OLIVER Topics include: the facts; private ruling; timing of dispute; decision of Merkel J; the appeal; the consequences.

Materials from this session:

FCT v Montgomery

Author(s):  Louise LOVERING Discusses : the facts; Heerey J; Davies J; Lockhart J.

Materials from this session:

Murry's Case Goodwill

Author(s):  Jason ELLIS Topics include: significance of goodwill; decision in Murry; what is goodwill; implications of the decision on the revised defintion of goodwill; TR 98/D13.

Materials from this session:

Damages for Personal Injury: Whitaker's Case

Author(s):  Paul KENNY Mrs. Whitaker lost total eyesight as a result of eye surgery. She successfully sued for damages and consequently received damages and paid legal expenses. Topics discussed include: compensation and legal costs; Justice Hill's decision; pre and post judgement interest.

Materials from this session:

FCT v Orica

Author(s):  Neil KANDELAARS Topics include: income according to ordinary concepts; profit from profit-making schemes; capital gains tax.

Materials from this session: