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Transfer Pricing & Schedule 25A

Published on 04 Sep 2003 | Took place at The Menzies Hotel, Sydney, NSW

This was a comprehensive case study-based session on the number one tax compliance issue for businesses - small, medium and large.

Our experts take you on a journey through the mysterious world of transfer pricing and Schedule 25A with our mythical company, Softco Australia and its international related parties.

- Learn about transfer pricing documentation as Softco deals with purchases from its overseas parent.

- See the possibilities in pricing method selection as Softco determines the prices for technical support and management services.

- Could an APA help Softco and its royalty payments?

- What will the ATO do when it reads the story of Softco?

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Individual sessions

The Functional Analysis Process

Author(s):  Stephen BRECKENRIDGE This presentation covers the following topics:
- identifying and characterising IRPs and IRPDs
- performing an analysis of functions, assets and risks
- understanding the financials
- documenting the process.

Materials from this session:

Pricing Methodologies

Author(s):  Chris BOWMAN This seminar paper covers the following topics:
- selecting and rejecting pricing methods in relation to the goods, royalties and services transactions
- establishing comparables
- documenting the pricing method selection process.

Materials from this session:

Application of Pricing Methods

Author(s):  Kevin GRIFFITHS This presentation covers the following topics:
- understand how to benchmark the prices you determine
- would an Advance Pricing Arrangements assist?
- how do you documentat the application of the pricing methods?

Materials from this session:

Transfer Pricing - The ATO Perspective

Author(s):  Keith JOHNSON,  Michael JENKINS This presentation covers the following topics:
- ATO discussion of our mythical company, Softco's situation
- ATO discussion of Softco's Schedule 25A
- general ATO input on reviews and audits.

Materials from this session: