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Trusts: Back to Basics

Published on 30 Mar 2007 | Took place at The Chifley on Lennons, Brisbane, QLD

Trusts are an essential tool in every tax advisor’s toolbox. They offer flexibility, potential tax advantages over other structures and may also provide the added benefit of asset protection. These seminar materials provide practitioners with a fundamental understanding of the way in which trust law operates and will look at the ways that their clients may benefit from their trust arrangements.

To ensure your clients obtain the best tax advantages, including small business concessions, asset protection and divisibility of income between beneficiaries, you require a good knowledge of taxation laws as they relate to trusts. The starting point to develop these skills is a good understanding of the nature of trusts and an overall “big picture” of the taxation issues.

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Individual sessions

Taxation of trusts

Author(s):  Mark REYNOLDS

This paper covers:

  • how are trusts treated for tax purposes?
  • accounting for trust income
  • trust distributions, present entitlement and absolute entitlement
  • special tax rules for taxing income and distributions
  • CGT events and trusts
  • the traps of resettlements
  • taxing special types of trusts (deceased estates, testamentary trusts, child maintenance trusts, foreign trusts and other excluded trusts)
  • family trust elections and trust losses
  • Division 7A and trusts.
Materials from this session:

Trust law basics

Author(s):  Chris DAVIS

This presentation covers:

  • the trust relationship
  • the differences between trusts and other entities/relationships
  • types of trusts
  • creating and ending express trusts
  • advantages of using trusts for business and investment purposes
  • some pitfalls when using trusts for business and investment purposes
  • what is income? What is capital?
Materials from this session: