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Trusts Intensive Conference

Published on 10 Oct 2002 | Took place at Hilton Hotel, Brisbane, QLD

This seminar updates your knowledge of trusts from start up to winding up.

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Individual sessions

Asset protection and risk management

Author(s):  Greg CAHILL This seminar paper discusses asset protection and risk management, including distinguishing between assets owned versus controlled, dealing with beneficiary loan accounts - forgive or assign, issues if trust is to continue after death for benefit of next generation, and asset protection itself.

Materials from this session:

Duties Act and trusts

Author(s):  Philip MAGOFFIN This powerpoint presentation discusses the Duties Act and trusts, including trust acquisitions and surrenders, corporate trustee duty, concessions for family trusts and concessions for super funds.

Materials from this session:

CGT issues for trusts

Author(s):  John SECCOMBE This powerpoint presentation discusses CGT issues for trusts, including: definition of 'income', attribution clauses, distributions from revaluation reserves, interim capital distributions from unit/discretionary trusts, discount capital gains - Div 115, access to small business CGT concessions, and resettlements.

Materials from this session:

Estate planning considerations

Author(s):  Matthew BURGESS This seminar paper discusses estate planning considerations, including general operation, testamentary trusts, post death testamentary trusts, child maintenance trusts - planning opportunities, superannuation proceeds trusts, and the Family Law Act.

Materials from this session:

Loss trusts and Division 7A issues

Author(s):  Mark L ROBERTSON This powerpoint presentation discusses loss trusts and Division 7A issues, including general issues, loss trust measures, pros and cons of family trust elections.

Materials from this session:

General overview and principles of trusts in practice

Author(s):  David W MARKS This powerpoint presentation provides an overview of the trusts and their principles.

Materials from this session:

Commentary: The Essential Principles of the Law of Trusts

Author(s):  David W MARKS This seminar paper provides a commentary on Arlene's MacDonaldson's paper - The Essential Principles of the Law of Trusts.

To view Arlene's paper, please click here.

Materials from this session: