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Trusts National Roadshow

Published on 23 May 2008 | Took place at Various, National

This event was run nationally on a number of different dates, most recently 23 May 2008 in Geelong.

The event was intended for those practitioners who regularly advise clients who operate businesses or hold investments through trusts and was designed to complement a sound knowledge of the operations of trusts (particularly discretionary trusts) by taking attendees through a series of practical case studies on key issues.

The 2008 Trusts Roadshow took a practical look at some of the tricky areas encountered when dealing with trusts. It focussed on key issues showing you how to maximize the benefits that can be obtained and identified potential problems before they arise.

This was a four hour presentation.

Individual sessions

Case studies and workbook

Author(s):  Daniel SMEDLEY,  Ron JORGENSEN,  Meagan O'CONNOR

This paper includes detailed case studies covering:

  • beneficiaries: Traps in identifying beneficiaries and exclusion clauses
  • streaming, expense allocations and loss recoupment: The impact of the Federal Court's decision in Cajkusic
  • reimbursement agreements: Identifying the risks outlined in recent case law
  • family trust elections: Managing elections in light of recent amendments and considering the operation of the loss injection rules
  • cloning trusts: How to ensure the new trust really is a clone
  • gearing in trusts: Consideration of different structures and deductibility of interest
  • small business CGT concessions: Implications of the amended provisions for trusts.
Materials from this session: