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Twlight Series - Superannuation

Published on 30 Apr 1997 | Took place at All Seasons Premier Menzies Hotel, Sydney, NSW

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Individual sessions

Superannuation tax planning

Author(s):  Greg GANZ Topics covered include:
- Deductibility of contributions
- Tax liability on deductible contributions
- proposed CGT exemption on sale of business for retirement

Materials from this session:

Superannuation implications arising from business reconstruc

Author(s):  Lyn NICHOLSON Topics covered include:
- Business reconstructions
- Closing a business
- Sale and purchase of a business

Materials from this session:

Taxation of benefits and related planning

Author(s):  Andrew SKINNER Topics covered include:
- Taxation and planning for lump sum benefits
- Taxation and planning for pensions
- Taxation of excessive benefits and planning

Materials from this session: