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Year End Tax Matters

Published on 24 May 2001 | Took place at City West Function Centre, Perth, WA

This seminar will walk you through the many issues to consider at year end June 2001. While volumes of legislation have been delayed or in fact thrown out, this seminar focuses on the real law. Income and deductions are discussed, as well as the simplified tax system, new prepayment rules, superannuation tricks, loan accounts, buying and selling assets, and trusts.

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Individual sessions

Year End Tax Matters: The Accountant's Approach

Author(s):  Wayne HEALY This seminar paper discusses the accountant's approach to year end tax matters, including: Review of the old - income, deductions, stock; What about all the new - simplified tax system has a major impact in 1 July 2001; New prepayment rules apply now - do you know what effect they have on tax planning?: Superannuation tricks - are there any left?

Materials from this session:

Year End Tax Matters: The Lawyer's Approach

Author(s):  Fiona HALSEY This powerpoint presentation discusses the lawyer's approach to year end tax matters, including: The abolition of stamp duty - will it ever happen?; Loan accounts and what to be wary of when tax planning this year; Buying or selling assets at the end of the year?; Trusts - what to do now?

Materials from this session: