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Valuations: best practice and best defence against disputes presentation


This presentation covers:

  • the initial consolidation valuation
    • risk based approaches for valuation support
    • internal or external valuations or both?
    • issues of fact, judgement and interpretation.
  • if it goes wrong:
    • valuations and litigation
    • briefing expert witnesses
    • balancing expert witnesses' duties and client interests
    • detailed evidence, approaches and alternate values
    • experts' conferences, joint reports and 'hot tubs'.

Author profiles:

Jim Delany
Jim has a broad based commercial practice with particular experience in the fields of personal and corporate insolvency, land valuation, compensation for the compulsory acquisition of land and financial loss and claims involving disputed valuation questions, valuers' negligence and breach of duty. Since the early 1990s he has appeared in most major land valuation cases in Victoria involving the assessment of value for taxing and land acquisition purposes and issues relating to properties seeking exemption from land tax. Current at 19 August 2005
John is a Partner in the Transaction Advisory Services division of Ernst & Young's Melbourne office and a Director of Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services Ltd. John leads Ernst & Young's Australian valuations practice and is a member of Ernst & Young's Global Valuations Steering Committee. John specialises in the valuation of businesses and companies and of intangible and intellectual property assets.
Current at 29 March 2005
Individual sessions

Intra-group transactions - are they now irrelevant?

Author(s):  Ken SPENCE

Materials from this session:

Financing implications

Author(s):  Peter COLLINS

Materials from this session:

Tax sharing agreements - theory and practice

Author(s):  Matt HAYES

Materials from this session:

RITA and NITA - some emerging issues around the new consolidations regime

Author(s):  Alf CAPITO

Materials from this session:

Acquisitions and disposals - specific contractual clauses and considerations

Author(s):  Richard HENDRIKS

Materials from this session:

Getting the most out of your 'tax cost setting amount'

Author(s):  Hayden SCOTT

Materials from this session:

Is there really a calm after the formation storm?

Author(s):  Richard BUCHANAN,  Paul CULIBRK

Materials from this session:

Losses: re-evaluating available fraction choices

Author(s):  David ROMANS

Materials from this session:

Consolidation: the risk reviews

Author(s):  Peter COAKLEY

Materials from this session:

CGT interactions

Author(s):  Grant CATHRO

Materials from this session:

Acquisitions: tax structuring and IFRS accounting

Author(s):  Trevor HUGHES

Materials from this session:

Valuations: best practice and best defence against disputes

Author(s):  Jim DELANY,  John HOPE

Materials from this session:

Consolidation: SME issues

Author(s):  Gordon S COOPER,  Gerald JAWORSKI,  James TARGETT

Materials from this session:

The intent of the consolidation regime

Author(s):  Michael D'ASCENZO

Materials from this session:

Leaving entities

Author(s):  Andy MILTON,  Tony STOLAREK

Materials from this session:

Mining industry tax consolidation issues

Author(s):  Michael MCCORMAK,  Mark MURCHISON,  Anthony PORTAS

Materials from this session:

Foreign owned groups

Author(s):  Geoff LEHMANN,  Jenny WONG

Materials from this session:

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