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Inside the OECD: Part 5 - Taxing derivatives


Concluding a series of articles on OECD and its influence on Australia's tax system and international business relationships. This article looks at taxing derivatives.

Author profiles

Anthony Frost CTA
Photo of author, Tony FROST Tony is the Managing Director of Greenwoods & Freehills. With more than 25 years experience in tax, Tony has a focus on financial services and financial transactions. Tony has advised clients on a wide range of tax matters, including innovative financial products, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border dealings, transfer pricing, tax audits and negotiations with the Australian Taxation Office. Tony has also advised clients on various OBU matters over many years, and is part of the consultation group set up by Treasury to discuss changes to the OBU rules announced in the previous government’s 2013-14 Budget. - Current at 18 October 2013
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Christopher Catt
Christopher, Barrister, Fifth Floor Selborne Chambers specialising in all aspects of taxation law. Prior to going to the Bar in 2003, Chris had 16 years’ experience in advising financial institutions and large Australian and international corporations on income and CGT issues. At the Bar, Chris has represented clients at all stages of their disputes with the Commissioner; starting with collating and preparing voluntary disclosures (and incorporating strong legal argument supporting the position adopted), then challenging their amended assessments and debt recovery proceedings brought by the Commissioner, through mediation and appeals to the AAT and Federal Court, as well as defending claims in the District Court and Supreme Court, and negotiating stays of execution of judgments and settlements. Chris has also assisted in disputes between clients and their former advisors, in determining whether there are any bases for mitigation of losses. - Current at 30 August 2011
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