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What is Tax Careers?

Tax Careers is a dedicated tax recruitment and careers website for professional Members and student Members of The Tax Institute, and the wider Australian professional tax industry at large.

Why is The Tax Institute offering Tax Careers?
In response to your feedback, this website is designed to offer a valuable service to our Members and the industry at large. The website offers a service to tax professionals who are currently looking for tax related jobs, or who need to recruit suitably experienced tax staff to join their organisation.

Tax Careers is purely an online space which brings together employees and employers at Our role is facilitator of this recruitment and careers service and as such we don’t get involved in the recruitment process at all.

How do I access the Tax Careers website?
Please visit As a first time advertiser, you will have to create an Employer account to place a job advertisement on the site.

Who can I speak to if I have a question about Tax Careers?

  1. If you have a technical enquiry relating to your login, password or online credit card payments while using the Tax Careers website, please email during business hours.
  2. If you are interested in purchasing a high volume of job advert postings and would like to take advantage of significant discounts, please email
  3. If you are interested in sponsoring Tax Careers or advertising on the Tax Careers website, please email
  4.  For all other Tax Careers enquiries please call The Tax Institute Tax Careers team at +612 8223 0000.

Is there a cost associated with using the site?
There are no costs for job seekers, however there is a cost for employers or recruiters to place a job advert on the site. This allows The Tax Institute to recover the costs of making this service available. For a full break down of the advertising options available and the associated costs, please go to

Do I have to register to use the site?

  • Job Seekers:
    Current jobs can be viewed without registering, however to apply for a job you will need to set up a job seeker account. Once you do this you will be able to set up job alerts for jobs of interest to you.
  • Advertisers:
    You will need to register as an Employer/Recruiter before you can advertise jobs. Once you register, you will be able to purchase a single job advert or a pack of job adverts to post jobs online.

What type of roles does the site cater for?
Tax Careers caters for all tax related roles that could be filled by a tax professional or graduate. This includes roles in any sector (ie. private, government etc), in any capacity (ie. full time, part time, casual or temporary.) and in any location across Australia.

Can Members of The Tax Institute use this site to recruit other tax professionals?
Yes. The employer and recruiter functionality of this website is open to anyone who wishes to recruit tax professionals or graduates.

How much is it to place an advertisement online and how do I pay?

Pricing is available on the Tax Careers website at
For high volume users who would like to sign up to an annual contract, there are special package rates available that offer significant discounts. These enquiries should be referred to the Institute’s Tax Careers team at

How long can I post an advertisement?
The standard job advertisement runs for a period of 90 days. You can renew the duration of the advertisement for a further 90 days if required.

As an advertiser can I place my logo on the job advertisement?
Yes. All job advertisements use the same template which allows for a logo to be inserted as JPEG (JPG) or GIF file format with a file size no larger than 20KB, and dimensions no greater than 200x100 pixels. If there is a problem with the size or dimensions of the logo, an error message will display. The logo must be adjusted to meet these specifications.

What information should I include in my job advertisement?
In order to find the best candidates for your position provide as much information as you can about the position, your expectations for the position, and the experience needed. You could also include some information about the organisation offering the position and any benefits provided.

I've posted or edited my job but I can't see the change in the job listing. What's gone wrong?
There is a delay of about two hours between you submitting a job, or changes to it, and the changes moving to the job listing.